Monday, October 31, 2011

Character Design: Chad

Chad is in his late 20's or early 30's. His real age is not known because of his parents. When his mother became pregnant, both she and Chad's father wanted an abortion. They had no desire to have children. However, it was illegal to have an abortion where they lived, and had no choice but to have the baby. Once Chad was born, his parents simply abandoned him in an old dumpster in an alleyway to die. He wasn't their problem anymore. As the baby sat there, he began to cry, attracting the attention of the many rats in the dumpster. The rats had no way of getting rid of him, and certainly weren't going to eat him. He'd cry even more. To shut him up, they began to feed the baby, and over the years got a bit fond of him. They only fed him until he was old enough to get food on his own, to which he then proceeded to kill and eat the rats that raised him. As he grew, the boy learned the English language from listening to passerby in his alley. He picked the name Chad for himself and found different places to live, most of them being alleyways and underneath bridges. He got a bit tired of living like that, and wanted to live in a mansion. All the stories he heard from the other hobos made it seem like an amazing life to live. Money, servants to order around, and even heating and air conditioning! However, getting there took one thing to do so. Money. And Chad had none. So, he turned to crime, and became awfully good at it after a while. He keeps robbing in the hopes that he will someday get the money to get his mansion.

Chad has the appearance of an average hobo, his clothes are ragged and torn, and he has several scars as marks of his criminal life. His hair is a light brown, long and dirty. The only thing he always keeps exceptionally clean are his dual katanas, which were obtained from his first heist at a museum. He is missing an ear because of the swords, after his first ever practice session with them. Since then, he has become very skilled at using them, and uses them in all of his heists. He has gotten a really bad reputation, and is on his city's most wanted list, but he's never been caught, which is strange because he never actually hides out. He just hangs around in alleyways most of the time. Then again, all of the police in the city are extremely incompetent. He's trained his body to ingest almost anything, a trait he picked up after being fed multiple things such as garbage as an infant by the rats who raised him. He can eat almost anything, one of his favorite dishes being rats, which he considers to be a delicacy of sorts, so he rarely ever goes hungry. He's almost always in a bad mood, and hates to talk to people. Any kind of love or affection between couples that he sees makes him sick, and he is always aggressive. He often threatens people with his katanas, and has ended up getting a few hundred dollars in the process. He has committed murder various times, and this is mostly caused if someone tries to take his money, or if someone is preventing him from obtaining more money. He has the strong belief that if he steals enough money, he will be able to afford his mansion.